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Long Live to : {Peshmerga && kurd && Kurdistan && Pkk && YPG}

Fuck racism Turkish, fuck acursed Ataturk, fuck you Turkish the fad ended of the Mongolians wait for your non honored soldiers, that they are embarrassed in front of a Peshmarga like me. If a Kurd die, 100 honorless Turks must go to hell afterwards. You coward Turks are always honorless and lost in front of a Peshmarga like me in the battle fronts. Do you want to hide your honorlessness and cowardice by bombing the mountains in Kurdistan??? Be sure that you must pay back a debt for bombing the mountains in Kurdistan. Fuck the honorless Turks, viva Kurds and Kurdistan, viva Peshmarga.
Greats To My Best friend :{ Sharo + Sahd_Hack3D + adriv4 + ali + OMid + Harem + kuroi + Ng } And all HackER kurdish